Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival: The Hot Toddy Garden Menu

We’re very excited to be bringing attendees of Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival our very own HOT TODDY GARDEN, a perfect place to warm you up after a day in the winter snow. We recently had some fun (maybe too much fun) sitting at a table with our friends from Jim Beam, Pinnacle Vodka, Caffe Vita and Snoqualmie Ice Cream to create this incredible menu of tasty drinks for it.

 Coffee Creations:

 Timbrrr! Boozy Coffee (Hot or Cold)

Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Caffe Vita Coffee & Maker’s Mark Ice Cream – by Snoqualmie Ice Cream 

Timbrrr! Irish Coffee

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey, Caffe Vita Coffee & Danish Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – by Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Cinnamon Toast KRUNK (Hot or Cold)

Pinnacle Cinnabon™ Vodka, Caffe Vita Coffee & Honey Cinnamon Custard – by Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Carly’s “S’more What?!?!”

Pinnacle Marshmallow Vodka, Caffe Vita & Mukilteo Mudd Ice Cream– by Snoqualmie Ice Cream  

Non-Coffee Creations:

 Timbrrr! Hot Toddy

Jim Beam Honey Whiskey, Hot Water, Fresh Lemon Slice & Cloves

Timbrrr! Hot Spiked Cider

Red Stag Hardcore Cider Whiskey, Hot Spiced Cider, Love

 Peppermint Stick Hot Chocolate

Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, Hot Chocolate & Peppermint Gelato– by Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Tickets are still available for Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival.  Don’t wait! Get them here – http://bit.ly/timbrrrtickets

The Hot Toddy Garden at Timbrrr! Is presented by:

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