Doe Bay Fest 2013 Submissions

Artist Home is honored to be the talent buyers for Doe Bay Fest and excited to announce that the submission process for Doe Bay Fest 2013 has begun! Through this open submission process we are reminded every year of  how much amazing music there is to hear in the NW and beyond. So if you plan on submitting your band to perform at this year’s Doe Bay Fest, we just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to do so.

Doe Bay Fest 2012 : August 8 – 11, 2013

Location: Doe Bay Resort and Retreat, Olga WA

Submission Deadline:   April 1, 2013

Compensation: TBD

Submission Notifications:  We will notify you no later than June 1, 2013



How it works:

All you have to do is send an email to with a link to the website you feel best represents you (sometimes called an EPK)

We here at Artist Home and Doe Bay pride ourselves in having an open and easy submission process to all of our events in which you are NEVER ASKED TO PAY A “SUBMISSION FEE”.  We object to any format in which a band is asked to “Pay to play” thus we further find it wrong to create any system of talent buying in which the artists are asked to “Pay to apply”.

Things to know:

  1. Believe us when we say that we listen to every single submission.  It’s an exhausting process but at the same time it’s exciting for us as every year we walk away having heard so much amazing music we’ve never had the privilege of hearing before.
  2. We’re really not concerned with your “draw” or other industry blah blah that much.  Your music and ability to perform live are what concerns us most so if you have an upcoming show in Seattle coming up, mention it. If you have video content of you or your band that you think represents you well, include a link to that as well.
  3. One of the characteristics that has made Doe Bay so successful is the fact that we limit the capacity to what we feel is a small amount.  Doe Bay Fest offers everyone enough room to stretch out and be comfortable in what may be the most pristine setting for music in the entire NW.   Because of our relatively small capacity, we can not offer as many complimentary guest spots to bands as most festivals or live music venues can.  It’s a minor drawback for what we feel is an incredible ideal. We will continually remind you of this, as it’s almost always forgotten a couple weeks before the festival.  So if you’re submitting, you should now have read that we only offer 2 guests spots PER BAND (Yes, per band, NOT per person).
  4. Remember that if you are booked to play Doe Bay Fest, that you are likely going to be camping for the weekend long stay at the Doe Bay Resort.  So if you submit to play Doe Bay, we’re assuming that you’re comfortable with that.
  5. We really don’t like it when we book a band to play Doe Bay Fest and they don’t “get it”.  Remember that if we’re asking you to be a part of this, that we’re basically asking you to come camp with us and 20 or so of the most incredible bands and concert goers in the NW for 4 days.  Bands who eat and run, show up and play their set only to leave minutes later, pretty much never get asked back.  This is an incredible experience and we want to be able to offer it to artists who will embrace all of it.



  2. Do not send multiple emails.   It’s annoying
  3. Do not bypass the submission process by trying to contact the resort staff or individuals at Artist Home.  Again, it’s annoying and like #1 and #2, will actually hurt your chances more than help it.
  4. Understand that we received almost 1,000 submissions last year and expect a lot more this year, which is a lot considering we can only host 20 or so artists.  Each year we have to sadly turn down hundreds of artists that we actually REALLY like.  So if we can’t send you an invitation to play, please keep trying next year with the knowledge that main stage bands do not repeat year after year at Doe Bay Fest (well except for that one band).
For information on purchasing tickets to attend Doe Bay Fest, please go to and sign up for the newsletter!
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