Hey all you SlackerFesters, we couldn’t be more excited for Slackfest 2012.  Below is a listof FAQs we’ve compiled to help you with everything you need to know, bring, remember this weekend.

SlimeDog Checklist:
-CASH – nearest ATM is 4-5 miles down the road
-Supplemental food
-Camping Chairs/Blankets
-Warm clothes for evening
-Designated Driver -if you plan to drive home saturday evening
– Sun Screen

How do I get to Slimedog Speedway?


  • From Seattle, take I-5 north to the Stanwood/Camano Island exit (exit 212).
  • Take a left at the stoplight onto Highway 532. Go about 5 miles on Highway 532 until you reach Stanwood, and then
  • Take a left onto 88th Ave. NW. Follow the road around the curve and
  • Take a right at the stop sign onto Marine Drive (84th Ave NW). Go a couple miles and
  • Take a left onto Norman Road. (If you cross the river on Marine Drive, you’ve gone too far!)
  • Go about 1/4 mile on Norman and take the first right off Norman onto 70th NW.
  • Follow the road past the house and barn (yes, you’ll feel like you’re driving through someone’s front yard) and continue down the dirt road towards the river. You’re now at Slime Dog Speedway!
  • You will see someone there on the road ready to check you in!

The official address is:
23311 70th Ave NW
Stanwood, WA

Who’s playing/What’s happening when?

Please feel free to come anytime after 4pm on friday the 13th.  We will be able to check you in to your campsite any time after 4pm and would love to spending the evening around the bonfire with you on Friday evening.

Music Schedule

Moondoggies: 8:15 – 9:15pm

Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers 7:00 – 7:45

Hobosexual 5:55 – 6:40

Hounds of the Wild Hunt 4:50 – 5:35

Rolling Stones 3:45 – 4:30
Wayfinders 2:40 – 3:25
Big Wheel Stunt Show 1:40 – 2:25
Country Lips 12:50 – 1:20
Pipsisewah – 12:05 – 12:35
Can I bring my own beer?

You can bring your own beer to enjoy outside of the festival stage area and at your camping area if you are 21.  We are excited to have Hilliards Beer ( as the official Beer Partner of Slackfest this year and we will have ridiculously reasonable cans and cups of delicious selections from our pals at Hilliards.  Proceeds from our beer sales will go to support the the local Stanwood Food bank, so until we are out of beer, we will not allow outside beer into the music area of the Fest (the actual race track).  Please come with cash and support the cause and know that once the beers gone, outside beer will be allowed throughout the grounds.
Do I need to bring food/water?

YES, the weather report is looking great, so please bring ample water/sunscreen etc.  We will have a food vendor that will be selling burgers, dogs and other BBQ’d items all day saturday and breakfast sunday, but it’s advisable if you’re camping to bring some of your own food/water etc.  CASH ONLY for all vendors, so please bring cash as we will not have an ATM available onsite.
Are camping passes/Additional tix available to purchase on-site?

Yes, we expect to be close to capacity but we should have tickets available on-site for those extra tag-a-longs and people who make last minute decisions.  Advance tickets are still available on Brown Paper tickets for $25 + $10 for camping passes:

Do I need physical tickets?
No, when you arrive there will be a checkpoint that we will check off names that we receive from Brown Paper Tickets (our online ticketing site).
Do I have to be 21 to attend?

NO, please have your ID if you want to drink beer in the festival area as we’ll be checking your IDs to ensure throughout the day.  Kids are welcome to join the fun as well as long as they are attended to and kept away from Don’s bottle of Makers Mark.


NOTES FROM Don/Deb and Artist Home:

We’re very excited to have everyone out to the SlimeDog Speedway for a great day of music and festivities.  Please remember that the owners of SlimeDog and the surrounding farms have been gracious enough to host us as their guests for the weekend and to please pick up after yourself and lend a hand if you see garbage, cigarette butts etc.  Please have a blast and treat everyone with respect as we bring our extended community together for a kick ass party!  Please consider camping on saturday as we are committed to having zero drinking and driving incidents.  Overall, let’s have a blast on a sunny day up on the river this saturday the 14th!


Your Hosts,

Don Slack, Deborah Malarek, Artist Home Presents (Kevin, Chad, Morgan, Jake), and the wonderful crew up at SlimeDog Speedway (Eric, Dennis, and incredible staff)

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