Before you read anything about buying tickets to Doe Bay Fest, please note that last year, tickets to Doe Bay Fest sold out in 2.5 minutes.   We have every reason to believe that tickets will sell out even faster this year.  So if you truly want to get tickets to the festival we advise that you:
  • Familiarize yourself with the information below
  • Copy the web address for the ticketing page and have it loaded up on your browser 3-5 minutes before tickets go on sale
  • Hit reload like crazy before 10am on May 6 until the tickets to go live at 10am and you see the orange “BEGIN ORDER” box in the top right part of the page.
  • Once the tickets go live, hit the orange button that says begin order
  • The different options below will come up on your screen. Do not sit there and debate what package you should get.  Since you’re familiar with what you need ahead of time, click on the option best suited for you (and be prepared for that option to be gone, so have a back up option, and a back up to your back up option).   Then click next.
  • Once you click next,  you will either see a screen saying that tickets are sold out, or hopefully, you’ll get to a screen that will promt you to enter a name for will call, answer a question about how many Doe Bay Fests you have attended and finally enter your credit card details.   There is no reason to rush if you made it to page with Check Out Now on a large orange button.  You will see a clock at the top of you page letting you know you have 15 minutes (and counting) to complete your transaction.
What if they sold out before you could get them?
  • Last year a handful of people put their tickets in their queue and for whatever reason didn’t complete their transaction.  This caused a handful of package options to become available again 15 minutes after they went on sale.   So the first trick would be to keep hitting reload for an extended period of time after they’ve sold out, hoping that some of the original folks didn’t complete their transaction for one reason or another.   If any open up, go back to #4 above.
  • If you try and try and nothing opens up, be sure you are following Doe Bay Fest on Facebook AND that you sign up for the Doe Bay newsletter.   Doe Bay will refund any necessary cancelations up until August 1st.   If anything becomes available, that is the best way to cover your bases and be notified of any potential tickets being released.
PLEASE NOTE – YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RE-SELL YOUR TICKETS and any changes in your reservation have to involve a refund and transaction through the resort.
So here is what you should know before making the mad dash for tickets on Sunday morning.

1. How many people are in your group

a. Tickets are limited to 4 people per order and are sold in groups of 2, 3 or 4 (see below).  Also CHILDREN UNDER 12 are FREE.  *hint* – there are more 4 person packages available than 2 or 3 person packages. 

2. If you want to camp on-site, or if you want to camp off site. (There are benefits to both)

If you camp on-site, you’re always there and are less likely to miss
out on that surprise set in the middle of the woods that your favorite
artist just happened to perform

If you camp off-site, your campsite comes complete with PARKING.
Parking is very limited on site. Tends to be that once you get parking
on site, you’re not likely to leave and give up your spot.  Secondly,
we were pleasantly surprised to find that a great number of people
preferred being off-site the last two years as it is just a short 5 minute walk
from the resort and allowed them to get away from the festival and enjoy
a quieter option at night.  With parking comes the ability to go into
town and around the island without worry about where to put your
vehicle when you get back.

Please enter a valid email address on Brown Paper Tickets! The resort needs
to verify you’re not a scalper and there are a number of updates and
travel opportunities (see below) that we’ll be sending you details on to
make your trip and stay at the resort easier.


When arriving to the Doe Bay Fest Ticketing page you will see the following options:

Five packages will be offered on Brown Paper Tickets:


They include our regular festival camping and off-site.  The OFF-SITE camp spots are a five minute walk away, INCLUDE PARKING, and provide quieter calmer camping.  There will be a very small number of individual tickets sold.  You must confirm a place to stay on the island in order to buy them.


1.)  One tent site for a 4-person tent and 4 tickets  – $400.

2.)  One tent site for a 2-person tent and 2 tickets  – $240

3.)  One OFF-SITE tent site for a 4-person tent and 4 tickets  – $410. (off-site including parking)

4.)  One OFF-SITE tent site for a 3 person tent and 3 tickets  – $330 (off-site including parking)

5.)   One OFF-SITE tent site for a 2-person tent and 2 tickets  – $250. (off-site including parking)


All other parking will be offsite and will be $30.00 (you will pay at the resort when you arrive).  Please think carpool and hitchhike, or contact Doe Bay about booking our ever-popular Water Taxi option to arrive right at the Doe Bay beach. The water taxi will be begin booking later in May.


BPT will not accept Paypal for this event.  Have your credit card ready to buy from BPT.

Finally, please note that we will validate your purchase by email so in order to actually get tickets, we MUST have a current Valid email address. If you don’t, your only recourse will be to get your money back.

What you need to know after buying tickets to Doe Bay Fest

Why you should arrive by Thursday and stay past Sunday

I’ve been doing Doe Bay Fest for 4 years now, and the number one piece
of advice I tell people is to arrive early and stay late.  When you pay
for accommodations, whether it is camping, yurts, you’re paying for 4
nights stay; you might as well make use of it!

Why arrive by Thursday

– The Ferry Lines on Friday to the San Juan Islands can be a bit of a
nightmare.  The ferry boats get backed up on most any Friday in the
summer and they don’t change the schedule at all during Doe Bay weekend
when an additional 1,000 people are trying to get to Orcas Island.
Coming on Thursday offers yourselves a much less stressful experience
in getting there as the lines are shorter, and you won’t be missing out
on any of the bands you’re paying to see.

– There is some incredibly awesome stuff happening Thursday night!
This year we have the return of the Conor Byrne Open Mic at Doe Bay!   Most of the artists
performing will already be there so you can expect this year’s “Conor
Byrne Open Mic at Doe Bay”
, to be a star-studded event, which you are
more than welcome to be a part of.    There might also be a surprise
show happening somewhere else on the resort 😉

– If you’re doing festival camping, you will have first dibs on where
you want to set up your tent in the respective camp ground you’re
assigned to.

Why stay through Sunday

– Just like Friday, the ferry lines can be a bit of a nightmare, if
not more so on Sunday when everyone is trying to leave the Island.
Staying past Sunday and catching a ferry Monday (or Tuesday!) makes
your life so much less stressful. If you try to leave on Sunday, you’re
likely to spend all of it at the ferry terminal waiting in line.

– Sunday is arguably the best day of the festival. It has been reiterated by many folks
who have stayed through Sunday the last two years running.  A slip n’ slide happened and the
music continues on the Café Stage and in various places around the
resort. We already have bands scheduled for it and it is by far the most
relaxing day of the festival where the focus shifts from main stage
events to the Café Stage and to things like playing volleyball and horse

Alternate means of transportation.

The one thing we need your help on is in consolidating your cars as much
as possible.  We do not have the space to fit many vehicles at the
resort so we need your help, as we have in years past, in helping us
limit the number of cars that arrive there.  It’s also good for the
planet! If you follow Doe Bay Fest on Facebook and Twitter, we will be
updating you on the various means to get to and from Doe Bay Fest.
Aside from taking the ferry, we help people organize car pools and you
will receive information about the very popular and in demand Foot
Ferry option.

The Foot Ferry!
The foot ferry is by far the easiest and least stressful way to get
to and from Doe Bay.  Instead of waiting 6+ hours in the ferry line in
Anacortes, you instead get to walk right onto your scheduled boat and
get dropped off right in Otter Cove at the Doe Bay resort.  I can pretty
much guarantee that everyone who did it last year is doing it again.
It is the most amazingly easy and fun way to get there.  It is also
every bit as affordable as the actual ferry.
*please note that you can only bring what you can carry on the foot ferry


HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE TICKET PAGE – http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/247680

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