Slack Fest – all you need to know

BRING WATER – there is no pump or sink at the race track so please bring plenty of water to stay hydrated

BRING SUNSCREEN – it’s going to be sunny and 73 degrees, and the festival grounds offer very little to no shade.  Please be prepared and think of bringing hats, umbrellas, and shade creating items.  Then be sure to bring layers for night time, it’s summer, but still chilly at night.

BRING CASH – Slime Dog race track does not have an ATM machine and we can only accept cash so please visit an ATM before you get there.

BRING SOMETHING TO SIT ON – It’s a racetrack and open field, so we encourage you to bring a launchair or something like it if you’d like to sit on something other than your bum.


Rock Local. Eat Local.

There will be food vendors at Slack Fest this year serving up food throughout the day and night on Saturday as well as a coffee / pastry vendor. There will be a beer garden selling 4 types of beer.  However, we’re in the country on a dirt racetrack so these vendors will be operating on a CASH ONLY BASIS.

A little about our vendors:

S.L.O.W Food stands for “Sustainable, Locally, Organic, Wholesome” but their name might as well be delicious. They’ll be serving up a variety of Brats from Del Fox Meats on hoagie rolls from the Bread Farm and wide variety of toppings and sauces, including “The World’s Best Saurekraut.” In the morning they’ll be serving muffins from Blackbird Bakery Cafe and fresh squeezed lemonade, all from businesses in Stanwood or neighboring downs.

Since we know you all are caffeine addicts just like us, S&T Espresso will have a coffee cart throughout the day as well and a couple tasty pastries for purchase.

Thanks to the generous support of Slack Fest sponsors Rainier Beer, we’ll have ice cold Vitamin R flowing in our 21+  beer garden all day long and for the beer snobs / Seattle transplants who might have snuck in, we’ve got two delicious craft brew selections from Two Beers Brewery in SODO.*  (see that star, that means there’s fine print below.)

* Due to WA state liquor control regulations, outside beer will not be permitted in the beer garden and we will be verifying age with wristbands.  We will not be charging Gorge-like pricing (beer will be $3-$5), and part of our proceeds go to a great musical supporting non-profit group (Team up for Non-Profits), so please we ask that you leave your “outside” beverages to your camping areas and later evening festivities and support the Fraternal Order of Slack.

To sum up, we have awesome local vendors, but you are allowed to bring your own drinks and food to Slack Fest. Outside drinks are limited to your campsite and the evening festivities, while your own food will be welcome anywhere and everywhere. You’re also welcome to bring a means to cook your own food, if you’re feeling so inclined. (Though we might ask for a nibble.) Camp stoves and BBQ’s are okay for cooking, open fires are not.
And some, PLEASE, PLEASE bring enough S’mores makings for 200 or so.

Camping is available for Friday and Saturday nights at the price of $10 per tent (Remember, bring cash).  The camping area is a mostly flat grassy area and space is allocated on a first come first served basis.   There will be port o potties and hand wash stations on site  but there are no showers available.

KIDS ARE FREE – Children under 12 are free!


Moondoggies 8:30 – 9:30

Maldives 7:00 – 8:00

American Girls 5:30 – 6:30

My Goodness 4:25 – 5:10

Joseph Giant 3:20 – 4:05

Whalebones 2:15 – 3:00

Golden Blondes 1:10 – 1:55

Jack Wilson 12:05 – 12:50


  • From Seattle, take I-5 north to the Stanwood/Camano Island exit (exit 212).
  • Take a left at the stoplight onto Highway 532. Go about 5 miles on Highway 532 until you reach Stanwood, and then
  • Take a left onto 88th Ave. NW. Follow the road around the curve and
  • Take a right at the stop sign onto Marine Drive (84th Ave NW). Go a couple miles and
  • Take a left onto Norman Road. (If you cross the river on Marine Drive, you’ve gone too far!)
  • Go about 1/4 mile on Norman and take the first right off Norman onto 70th NW.
  • Follow the road past the house and barn (yes, you’ll feel like you’re driving through someone’s front yard) and continue down the dirt road towards the river. You’re now at Slime Dog Speedway!
  • You will see someone there on the road ready to check you in!
  • The official address is:23311 70th Ave NW
    Stanwood, WA

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